PdaNet for Windows Mobile

PdaNet for Windows Mobile 2.0

Shares the mobile's Internet connection with the PC
Turn your Windows Mobile phone intro a modem that your computer can connect through to have access to the Internet. Works via WiFi, Bluetooth, or cable.

PdaNet for Windows Mobile is an accessory application for Windows Mobile Phones, developed by June Fabrics. This company develops software for PDA exclusively but for different platforms though. PdaNet is available for Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and the recently released Apple iPhone.
So, what does this application do? Let’s try to answer that question quickly and easily. PdaNet for Windows Mobile will allow it users to get wireless Internet connection on their laptop through their Windows Mobile Phones. What this beautiful piece of software does is to transform your smartphone into a wireless modem for your PC. The computer and the phone will be connected as you usually connect them for synchronization, that is to say, Sync cable, Bluetooth or even Wifi.
Needless to say, you need to have an Internet access plan subscription for your phone with your current service provider in order to get your phone online. That’s a previous requirement for PdaNet gets your computer online through your phone.
Getting this application can save you an important amount of money because you are avoiding buying a wireless modem, which nowadays is still a pretty expensive piece of hardware. You’ll be buying PdaNet for as low as $34.
PdaNet for Windows Mobile only runs on the following operating systems:
• Windows Vista (32bits)
• Windows XP
• Windows 2000
• Mac (only Bluetooth DUN is available for Mac)
It runs on Mac OS, but with the limitation pointed out in the list above. Have in mind that if you are an iPhone user, there is a special edition of PdaNet.
Regarding phones, this edition of PdaNet supports virtually all Windows Mobile Phones. Check out the following list to see if your phone is included:
• Treo series (including the latest 800w).
• Motorola Q/Q9 series.
• Samsung i730/5800/Blackjack II
• Any HTC brand (6700/6800/Mogul/Touch/8525/Tilt).

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  • It supports almost any Windows Mobile phone
  • It's available to be purchased online
  • There's a disccount for users of the previous version


  • It doesn't support USB connection for Mac
  • It's available only in English
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